JAS Designs 25th Anniversary Celebration

I was fortunate enough to be a part of JAS Designs 25 year anniversary celebration this past Saturday at Washington Hall in Seattle. The company has about 90 employees but it is clear that they are more than just a company, but a family, where employees have been there for years. Entertainment was a collaboration of many talented employees that ranged from rock-and-roll to rockabilly music. One trumpet player played with his trumpet on fire…and the dancing, which was very fun to watch, went on well into the early morning.

Check out the video to see the fun that was had!

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DANISE Wedding 2017

I was so honored to be a part of such a unique and lovely wedding reception at Novelty Hill Januik Winery in Woodinville. Denise, the bride, has an incredible eye for design….when I first walked into the dining room, I was amazed at the elegance and simplicity but true unique décor of the room. Rather than have large centerpieces, she had a simple arrangement on the table but an amazing display of bud vases and tulips above each table with clear acrylic chairs and tea lights to illuminate the clear surfaces – the whole room shimmered. Check out the video for this stunning display. Not surprising, the bride herself was dressed simply but elegantly and every picture taken of her was just gorgeous…the joy and love of this amazing couple was obvious.

The tasting room was alive with appetizers and award-winning wine as well as classic music played by Bugsie Productions.  Alex Chalk of Taylordevents was a wonderful event planner to work with and organized a memorable reception.

Check out the video to see the décor, fun, and silliness at the photo booth.

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Accenture Holiday Party 2016

Once again, Moments Captured Photo Booth was invited back to set up at Accenture‘s holiday party. And once again they outdid themselves. They had a belly dancer, karaoke, games, fantastic food and drink, and of course, the photo booth, which was busy the entire party. Check out the fun images that were taken at the party.

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Jacquelyn and Jacob Wedding 2016

Had the honor to set up Moments Captured Photo Booth at Jacquelyn’s and Jacob’s wedding this weekend at Natures Connection Place, a lovely venue in Arlington, WA with sprawling meadows and gardens, and a creek. Jacquelyn and Jacob have an amazing and loving family that have a lot of fun together. The children were hilarious and adorable and were a big fan of the photo booth. The bride was simply beautiful and down-to-earth and the groom was a real gentleman and clearly was totally in love.

Check out the video and images of the fun that was had and all the love that was shared.

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Fairwood Meets Bushwood Country Club for Mama’s and Papa’s Tournament

I had the honor and the pleasure of setting up Moments Captured Photo Booth this weekend at Fairwood Golf and Country Club for a Mama’s a Papa’s Tournament in Renton, WA. They celebrated the weekend with a couple’s tournament and had dinner and activities at night. The tournament had a Caddyshack theme and was surrounded by Bushwood, Caddyshack, and gopher signs. The best part of it was that the couple’s really embraced the theme and dressed up in the 80’s golf clothes and channeled Ted Knight, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray. The couples matched by color or costume coordination. It really made me want to join such a fun club with a fun membership clan. To help spur the fun, I created a few Caddyshack-inspired signs for people to hold up in the booth…you can see them in the video and the images. Making the signs and seeing the fun couple’s creativity made me want to Netflix the hilarious comedy and share it with my son.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that the reason I was hired for this job, besides Moments Captured Photo Booth’s stellar reputation for quality and service, was that one of the people putting this event on was my night nurse, Lynsi, when I was going through chemotherapy. She was truly my angel and is one of the best nurses I had the pleasure of knowing. I was so blessed to have such care while going through such a cruddy disease. I’ll always be grateful to her – she touched me to the core. So this connection made this event an even more special one.

Check out the video for glimpses of the outfits and creativity and goofiness that came out on this day of golf.

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