Classic Meets Modern

The very first photo booth was at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. We like to honor that history by continuing the classic look of a sit down photo booth with a curtain to closePhoto Booth Rental Seattle. While T. E. Enjalbert would be really proud of us for “keeping it real”, we also added a twist of modern.

Before you even sit in the booth, you are welcomed with a table of quality props including hats, boas, masks, mustaches and more!

The photo booth stands six feet tall, four feet wide and seven feet long. Not a single inch of this black sleek machine is covered in a sticker or logo. That booth is there for you, not for us to advertise ourselves. This is one of the many reasons we are a favorite at weddings and corporate events!

The 13″ LCD screen mirrors your dashing smile while gracefully giving you easy instructions! The unlimited photos print right as you get out of the booth- but don’t worry no need to fight; our booth prints duplicates!

As if things could not get any better, there is a tablet awaiting you as you exit the booth with your 2 prints in hand.  Just in case ol’ Aunt Betty could not make the event, you can text, email or Facebook her that photo you just took. Instant uploads to scratch that instant sharing itch!

Moments Captured Photo Booth is here to serve and impress.