Accenture Holiday Party 2016

Once again, Moments Captured Photo Booth was invited back to set up at Accenture‘s holiday party. And once again they outdid themselves. They had a belly dancer, karaoke, games, fantastic food and drink, and of course, the photo booth, which was busy the entire party. Check out the fun images that were taken at the party.

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MTorres America Holiday Party 2016

Corporate holiday parties can be hit or miss, but MTorres America holiday party this weekend at the Mill Creek Country Club was a definite hit! But not because they had a casino there, or a chocolate fountain, or great food, or fun gifts, or an astounding photo booth (ahem), but because the people make it great!. It is clear while this company is just an engineering company, it has some great, loving, fun people that work there making it seem like more than just a place to go to work, but a place to be at home. The people were so fun in the photo booth and as I took pictures that I wanted to be hand over my resume to be a part of it. And as they were handing over awards it was clear that they cared about their employees and wanted them to succeed.

Check out the video of the event!


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NOPF Whidbey Island Holiday Party 2016

What an honor to be a part of the Naval Ocean Processing Facility (NOPF) Holiday Party for the men and women that serve our great country. The evening was filled with laughter, fabulous raffle giveaways, dancing, and Sailor of the Year awards. The photo booth was a great hit and busy the entire night. Thank you, Sailors, for all you do to keep us safe.

Check out the photos and video for the fun.

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Miranda and Kaden Wedding 9.24.16

A love story that began with a prank call 10 years ago started a lifetime together for Miranda and Kaden, It began with a beach proposal in Kauai, HI to a gorgeous sunset wedding in Ballard at the Ballard Yacht Club complete with palm trees edged up to the water. With 500 guests invited, the wedding still felt elegant and intimate as the venue allowed for seating areas and an array of delicious appetizers. Moments Captured Photo Booth was once again a huge hit and was there most of the night until the last wedding guest left. Lovely blush, white and gray décor with pictures of the happy couple strewn about the tables, it was clear that the couple was truly in love and what was more clear that they were both loved dearly by so many friends and family. With a shared love of boxing (she, fighting the world title in a little over a month, and he, an MMA fighter), the boxing shaped cookies was the only thing that really indicated that the sweet couple had this pugilistic blood running through their veins.

What was a pleasant surprise was that not only was this the cousin of a previous client whose wedding I had the honor of doing last year and who recommended me to this darling couple, but also I happen to know the father and mother of the bride from years ago. Small, sweet Seattle.

The night was punctuated with the Aphrodisiacs playing disco music that had everyone on the dance floor….except for those in the photo booth, of course.

Check out the amazing fun pictures from the wedding and the video that shows the love that lives in this young couples world from family and friends.

i ho’okahi kahi ke aloha

Be One in Love

Check out the video!

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Lindsay and Jason Wedding 2016

What a unique and classy wedding I had the privilege to work at this Labor Day weekend! Held at the Corson Building in Georgetown, a Tuscany-feeling villa surrounded by vine-covered wrought iron fence for privacy from the industrial Georgetown neighborhood, the wedding successfully held an intimate wedding of 36 people. The detailed, literary décor that spread throughout the garden and cozy building paired perfectly with the 6-piece Jazz band, Uptown Lowdown. They generously provided each guest with a new book ranging from the classics of Catcher in the Rye to Crime and Punishment – very clever wedding favors. Check out the video for some of those special touches Meghan at Bowties and Bubbly strewn about the grounds, from the Due Date cards used to mark the tables to the card catalog used to find the guests table number.

I was sure that Dorothy Parker or Robert Benchley might pop in for a highball or martini. Loved it all. And the Moments Captured Photo Booth was surprisingly, fantastically popular with such an intimate wedding. The guests and bride and groom were very amusing and so were their friends…check out the photo booth images and video to see some of their goofy antics. Photography for the event was done by Charis Brice –  photography in the video or the images from the photo booth were completed by Moments Captured Photo Booth – Charis will provide a gorgeous array of pictures to the bride and groom from this picturesque wedding at a later date.

Check out the video for all the special, creative literary-theme decorations and joy that was had at the Lindsay and Jason wedding.

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